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Fresh Baked Baguette | 3.5

herbed EVOO or butter

Soup du Jour – Chef`s Daily Inspirations 4.5 | 5.5

Falafel | 8

chickpea fritters, traditional tahini sauce

Hummus Plate | 8

warm pita bread

Spanakopita | 8

feta cheese, spinach, onion

Patatas Bravas | 7

romesco sauce, garlic mayonnaise

Baba Ghanoush | 8

Pine nuts, pomegranate molasses, pita

Pita with Labneh | 8

strained yoghurt, extra virgin olive oil, olives

Lamb Kofta | 8

mint, pomegranate molasses

Stuffed Grape Leaves | 7

rice, herb


PERA Sampler | 18

hummus, tabouli, spanakopita, grape leave, falafel, pita

PEI Mussels Oreganato | 12

white wine, oregano, fresh lemon, extra virgin olive oil


Seasonal organic greens from Aqua and Equinox Farm

Add to any salad:
chicken +5  |  falafel +4  |  shrimp +7  |  salmon +8

Pera Salad | 12

mixed greens, green beans, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, feta, white balsamic

Lebanese Fattoush Salad | 12

pita bread, romaine, mint, cucumber, bell pepper, radish, onion, sumac

Roasted Beet Salad | 11

goat cheese mousse, pistachio, granola, oranges, red onion, golden raison dressing

 Rocca Salad | 11

arugala, spiced walnuts, parmesan, radish, pomegranate dressing


All wraps include a petite house salad, tabbouleh or pita chips

(add $2.50 for other side salads)

Vegetable (lunch only)  | 12

grilled spring vegetables, yoghurt, mint, mozzarella

Lamb Kabob Wrap | 16

minced lamb kofta, yoghurt, arugula, red onions, harissa

Chicken Kabob Wrap (lunch only)  | 13

grilled marinated chicken, yoghurt, harissa

Falafel Wrap (lunch only) | 12

chickpea fritters, arugula, tahini sauce, hirissa


inspired by Mediterranean living

Lamb Burger | 14 | 16

spiced minced lamb, cucumber salad, yoghurt, harissa, patatas bravas

Wild Mushroom Ravioli | 19

sautéed cremini mushrooms, cream of marsala

 Vegetable Shish Kebab | 19

spring vegetables, yoghurt dressing, arugula salad

Vegetable Pastilla | 19

spiced aromatic vegetable strudel, raisins, almonds, ginger, saffron, paprika coulis

Chicken Tagine | 21

Moroccan inspired chicken stew, apricots, olives, preserved lemon, saffron couscous, harissa, yoghurt

 Kebab | 21 | 26

chicken or lamb, fragrant rice, herb salad, tahini sauce

Grilled Norwegian Salmon | 24

Israeli couscous, cucumber-yoghurt sauce, mint oil

Seared Scallops | 25

linguine, basil pesto, roasted peppers, olives, tomatoes

Skirt Steak | 25

vegetables de jour, roasted garlic butter, crimini mushroom

Lamb Chops| 26

Israeli couscous, mint

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