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Pera Bistro – Mediterranean Food in Williamstown MA

Fahri is from Istanbul

Pera, now known as Beyoglu, is a district located on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey.  It was the base of European merchants, specifically from Genoa and Venice, in what was then known as Pera.  During the 19th century it was again home to many European traders, and housed many embassies, especially along the Grande Rue de Péra (today Istiklal Avenue). The presence of such a prominent European population – commonly referred to as Levantines – made it the most Westernized part of Istanbul, especially when compared to the Old City at the other side of the Golden Horn, and allowed for influxes of modern technology, fashion, and arts.  Records show it existed since the time of Christ.  The owner of Pera Mediterranean Bistro, Fahri Karakaya, lived and worked in Pera for ten years, which is how he came up with the restaurant’s name.

Mediterranean Food in Williamstown Mass.

Fahri saw that the people in Williamstown enjoyed an array of foods because of all the different types of restaurants found here.  He noticed that there wasn’t a Mediterranean restaurant in town, so he decided to open Pera Mediterranean Bistro.

Fahri Karakaya
Fahri KarakayaOwner
Originally from Turkey, my passion for food brought me to the US in 2001 to study Hotel and Restaurant Management in Connecticut at Cesar Ritz College which is based in Switzerland. Before this time I worked in beautiful four and five star hotels in both Turkey and London this prepped me for a lifelong dream to not only own my own restaurant, but to own a beautiful restaurant I could be proud of. After graduating from Cesar Ritz College I followed my internship opportunity to Florida where I began working at the world renowned Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, FL. While living in Florida in an effort to become well rounded to the field I also spent time working at PGA National Resort Hotel, and at Club Collete in Palm Beach. I then did my MBA in Business in West Palm Beach, FL. In 2011 we came to Williamstown, Western Massachusetts, where I took over the space where Pera Bistro is currently located and fulfilled my dream. There was no Mediterranean inspired restaurant in the Northern Berkshire area so I thought that it would be fitting to be the first.

We offer a wide range of food, specializing in American and Mediterranean Bistro fare.  None of our items are deep-fried, they are either sautéed in olive oil, grilled, or cooked in the oven, with almost every item being made from scratch.

Mediterranean Food | Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-Free Options in Williamstown Mass.

mediterranean restaurant

Pera Mediterranean Bistro specializes in kebobs, our sampler platter consisting of hummus, tabouli, grape leaves, sautéed falafel, and smoky grilled eggplant puree, as well as our large variety of wraps.  For mediterranean food in Williamstown, there is no comparison! Our menu contains vegetarian and vegan options, and caters to those who are gluten-free as well. Our wide array of menu items offers dishes everyone can enjoy.

We have a terrific team working with us who are happy to serve you! If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume, we are always looking for great talent!