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Soup du Jour –  4.99

Fresh Baked Baguette  | 3.50

butter or olive oil & herbs

Kofte  | 9.00

small herbed meatballs on bed of cacik

Pera Trio Dip  | 15.00

hummus, babaganoush, cacik, pita

Pera Sampler  | 19

hummus, spanakopita, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, Cacik, pita bread

Choose two appetizers below  | 12

Mediterranean Hummus Platter  | 8

house made hummus, carrot, celery, pita chips

Muhammara  | 8

Syrian dip, roasted red pepper, walnut, olive oil, garlic, pomegranate molasses, pita

Spanakopita  | 9

house made, baby spinach, caramelized onions, feta cheese wrapped
in phyllo pastry garnished with marinated tomatoes

Dolmades  | 7

stuffed with rice

Falafel  | 8

chickpea fritters, traditional tahini sauce

Babaganoush  | 8

eggplant, tahini, garlic, roasted red pepper, pita

Cacik  | 8

yogurt and cucumber with garlic, herbs, pita


with choice of side salad, oven roasted potatoes, vegetable medley or kettle chips 

Traditional Gyro (lunch only)  | 14

shaved lamb, tomato, onion, tzatziki sauce, toasted pita

Roasted Moroccan Cranberry Chicken Salad (lunch only) | 13

cranberries, celery, Bermuda onion, lettuce & tomato, in a toasted baguette style roll

Chicken Kabob Wrap (lunch only)  | 14

mixed greens, onion, tomato, feta, chipotle mayo, pita bread

Falafel Wrap (lunch only) | 13

mixed greens, tahini, onion, tomato, pita bread

Seasonal Sautéed Vegetable Wrap (lunch only) | 12

hummus, sautéed vegetables, pita bread


Add to any salad:
grilled chicken +4  |  chicken salad +4  | sautéed shrimp +6  | falafel +4  |   salmon +7

Pera Salad | 12

mixed greens, carrots, cranberries, almonds, goat cheese, citrus vinaigrette

Watermelon Feta Salad | 12

mixed greens, feta, toasted almonds, diced watermelon, balsamic dressing

Greek Salad | 12

mixed greens, kalamata olives,  feta cheese, tomato, onion, Greek dressing

 Arugula Salad | 12

arugula, sun-dried tomato, toasted almonds, shaved parmesan cheese, basil balsamic dressing

Beet and Goat Cheese Salad | 12

arugula, sliced beets, toasted pecans, goat cheese, basil balsamic dressing

Eggplant and Avocado Wedge Salad | 16

romaine, avocado spread, roasted eggplant crema, vanilla granola, shaved parmesan, shaved radish



date and fig compote, bacon, sautéed onions, arugula simple salad | 15

grilled chicken, spinach, sun-dried tomato, mozzarella cheese  | 16

fresh mozzarella, plum tomato, chiffonade, basil, balsamic reduction | 14


House Made Lamb Burger | 16

grilled fresh lamb patty, arugula, feta cheese, cucumber wasabi dressing

Wild Mushroom Ravioli | 22

marsala wine, cremini mushrooms, asparagus and sun-dried tomatoes

 Mixed Kebabs | 24

one herb-marinated fresh skewered lamb & chicken, grilled and served with sautéed summer squash, zucchini and pilaf style bulgur

 Chicken Kebab | 22

two herb marinated fresh skewered chicken, grilled and served with sautéed summer squash, zucchini and pilaf style bulgur

Lamb Kebab | 26

two herb marinated fresh skewered lamb, grilled and served with sautéed summer squash, zucchini and pilaf style bulgur

Chicken Tagine | 23

1/2 roasted chicken, herb rubbed and served over Moroccan couscous, saffron, olives, apricot, plum, tomato

Norwegian Salmon | 25

pan seared salmon, served with harissa berber roasted fennel, brussels cauliflower candied sweet potato drizzled with citrus aioli

Mediterranean Baked Cod | 23

topped with kalamata olives, pepperoni, tomatoes, onion, bell pepper,
and feta cheese, oven baked, served with sautéed summer squash, zucchini and pilaf style bulgur

Vegan/Vegetable Ratatouille Creamy Polenta | 21

zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, fresh herbs over creamy polenta (goat cheese optional)

Grilled NY Strip Steak | 28 

choice sirloin strip steak, encrusted with Moroccan style berber, served with Mediterranean style German mash and sauteed summer squash and zucchini drizzled with chimichurri